Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The "Plan"

I've generally preferred "overland" adventures that tie into a "Campaign" as opposed to the typical "dungeon delving" . . . so that is what I'm looking to run with "Bluvardy".

Now one of the first problems that faced me was how "variant" from original "Dungeons & Dragons" would Bluvardy be?

As with almost all vardies, I intended to change the way "magic" operates. The big question was whether or not to change the combat system. In the end, I decided to leave it pretty much intact for my campaign.


Because that way, if I want to, I can use parts of old D&D dungeons or encounters without having to make major adjustments to the combat system. I don't really like everything about the D&D combat system . . . but it does work; and most gamers are familiar with it.

I've also liked the old Midkemia cities and encounter tables for operating inside cities. One of the things I need to do is to "build" some cities and populate them. As for the basic terrain, I might even use the old Judges Guild "Wilderland" maps (although with some appropriate changes) . . . or I might not . . . I haven't decided.

Anyway, I'm making a start on preparing my Bluvardy campaign.

-- Jeff

Sunday, December 17, 2006

So What's a "Bluvardy"?

(note -- article originally written on December 17, 2006 -- rewritten on June 1, 2014)

Thirty or so years ago, in the early days of
"Dungeons and Dragons", there was very little in the way of "supporting material" and so many folks developed their own variant roleplaying games. These variants were called "Vardies" (short for "variant D&D") in homage to D&D's groundbreaking rules.

"Bluvardy" is what I am calling my role-playing variant . . . which is NOT at all like the current "Dungeons and Dragons" (which is a complex descendant of "Advanced Dungeons and Dragons" -- both of which are far, far more detailed than "Bluvardy").

Indeed it is my opinion (and I admit that I'm heavily in the minority) that the richness of detail developed for the above-mentioned rules in the last score or so years has not only failed to improve roleplaying; but has hindered it.

"Why?" By most accounts, the newer version of "AD&D" (now called D&D) are not only far more detailed, but it far more "realistic".

Right . . . "realistic" . . . We're talking about a "roleplaying game". I don't care about Realism;
I want Imagination. So my variant works from a base of those early "D&D" guidelines. I've changed a lot of the mechanics, of course, and you will not find much detail because I want more imagination and less time spent "looking things up". Consider anything you've read elsewhere (and perhaps even here) simply as rumors.

As this blog goes on, I will be describing my thoughts on "Bluvardy" . . . and will describe how my game mechanics differ from those many are used to. 

Also, please note that I have removed ALL of the other posts to this blog prior to June, 2014 because I have totally revamped my Bluvardy rules and I do not wish to confuse folks with now out-of-date material. 

-- Jeff